Along Skälbyvägen, Järfälla kommun, we are developing new student housing that will be designed in 2 separate buildings in 3 and 2 floors respectively. Total number of units proposed is 73 which are planned as one and two rooms apartments. The buildings are to be located along Skälbyvägen and Almvägen, defining and closing the property with their facades, while they open to the inner yard where common activities would be taking place. That way, the privacy for both the neighbors and the tenants of the buildings can be secured.
On the corner between Almvägen and Skälbyvägen, the building will have commercial premises with planned parking spaces for them. In the same time, the rest of the parking is solved inside the property with access from Almvägen.

Our focus is on simplifying the design of the building and adopting the surrounding architecture style so they can without interference blend into the existing villa neighborhood. We are using wooden cladding in warm tones, simple forms of the volumes and creative solutions for effectively complete the landscape and react on the merge between the existing and new.

Developer: KTI fastigheter och Holding AB
Status: Local plan will go out for public review in august 2019